Feature: BannockSlap Burgers and Indian Tacos

Shane Miller and his team at BannockSlap Burgers and Indian Tacos have a positive and modern approach to business.

BannockSlap Burgers and Indian Tacos

It’s all about innovation and finding new ways to fuse traditional and modern ingredients to bring a unique experience to their hungry customers.

Bannock bread is at the front of most menu items whether it’s sweet or savory. BannockSlap serves warm bannock with taco toppings. Not your regular taco toppings though, Shane cooks down his own chili and simmers it for hours before pouring the goodness over piping hot and crusty bannock. Then add cheese, onions, sour cream and salsa! A delicious traditional meal with a modern twist!

How does nutella and cinnamon on a warm piece of bannock sound? Just ask my kid. She will tell you it is amazing!  

Like burgers? Try the bannock burger! It’s gigantic!

Don’t want bannock? What about a huge platter of fresh cut home fries with garlic smashed on top then covered in cheese and onions? Hits the spot for sure!

BannockSlap French fries
BannockSlap French fries

Hazy Valley Indigenous Cannabis

Take a walk next door and stock up at Hazy Valley Indigenous Cannabis, Shane’s second business on this site. With tons of different products to choose from, this is the spot to purchase the best local cannabis. Shane works together with a knowledgeable non-Indigenous cannabis expert here at Hazy Valley to literally grow their business!

Miller's Market

You can use this place as a rest stop too. Chill out at a picnic table on this vast property located on the Westside Rd. OKIB’s land. Live music is in the air while you roam the market, appropriately named Miller’s Market, as Shane handpicked all of the Indigenous market vendors that show up multiple times a week to sell and share their work. You can find Indigenous businesses set up selling clothing, jewelry, handicrafts, salsa, taro card readings and so much more!

Shane Miller's Story

Shane is Syilx Okanagan, and he is very focused on bringing people and tourism to his own land. 

“It’s so important to me to have a place for people to try traditional food because you can find Western fast food on every corner but you can’t find local specialties so that’s why I started Bannock Slap. I also didn’t want to be working for someone else anymore. I had learnt enough about cooking and was always cooking mass meals for my community so I decided to open my own food truck and never looked back ever since!”

Shane’s family is also a huge support system, They are always around, either cooking in the food truck or helping set up. 

He is creating work for others in the community and more importantly bringing back his native food for those around him and travelers to the area. He wants his business to be a community gathering place and to continue to be a success in the future. 

BannockSlap owner Shane Miller

Shane has made some of his dreams come true already, but has more dreams that he is working on! We will catch up with him soon and see where BannockSlap has taken him. I hear it might be up river…

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