BOTANACINE – Promoting Holistic Health & Wellness

Botanacine, an Indigenous wellness business, will smack the sick right out of you- naturally of course!

The word Botanacine comes from two words, botany and medicine.

That’s just what this green Indigenous business is up to! They harness the power of botanicals to promote holistic health and wellness.

Sustainably grown year round at their vertical farm and locally extracted in the Cowichan Valley on Vancouver Island, B.C, Botanacine brings you essential oils, 8 varieties of micro greens and various products from other local organic products.

But why is Botanacine so persistent to get you to try their micro greens?

Microgreens provide a nutritious boost to ensure you are operating at your best. While having up to 40x the nutritional value of their mature counterparts microgreens also have some delicious attributes to spice up your kitchen life! Coming in an array of vivid colours, crisp textures and intense flavours they go beyond functional and into the realm of artistic and adventurous.

So why microgreen powder anyways? Botanacine explains why we need this superfood.

“To answer that we must first begin at the source! Microgreens are young plants which are known to contain 4-40x the nutritional value of full grown analogs. The nutrients and micronutrients that microgreens contain include polyphenals (antioxidants), beta-carotenes, flavinoids, proteins and glucosinolates. These are important because they regulate cellular pathways processes e.g. inflammation, hormones, epigenetics, metabolism, as well as improve gut microbiomes. As a result, the human is getting more nutrients the body craves and disease risks are decreased. This superfood truly does help us operate at our best!”

Wow, owner Brent sure has a lot of knowledge behind this family business and we are so thankful he has shared his teachings with us!

“We hope that one day our local food community will be so strong, we won’t need to rely on importation of foods. With cooperation and using vertical garden technology to grow all year, we can achieve this.”

“Thank you for getting us one step closer to that goal.”

Brent has been learning about natural medicine since he was a child. Going to sweat lodges and interacting with the medicine men who would use the plants around them as a key to healing inspired him in the creation of this Indigenous business.

This is a family owned and operated business and they attribute their high quality oils to using some of the cleanest water in the world in the process. Their 20 acre farm in Glenora, Vancouver Island is the home of their vertical farms- which take up less space than traditional farming. You don’t have to wonder, their seeds are non GMO, of course!

Check out their website! You can order anti head lice hair bands! What? Yes it’s true. No head lice? Grab a beautiful bag of head lettuce! Don’t forget a nasal inhaler for dry weather or long flights and make sure you try their cedar oil in your diffuser. No diffuser? No problem, order one directly to your house in their online shop! Shipping is Canada wide, yeah!

We are so excited about Botanacine and all it is doing as a sustainable, Indigenous business focusing on food security and growing organic.

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