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With all of the pressures of parenthood right now, parents like myself are always looking for new ways to genuinely connect to their kids in a meaningful and impactful way. Sometimes we just need to look within and work on our own healing journey to be able to give our full selves back to our families. Here is an inspiring Indigenous family who is fulfilling their own dreams of becoming more present in their kids’ lives while providing holistic ways to relieve tension and anxiety in your life as a parent.

Rochelle and Zane McFarlane are Metis, from Metis Red River Settlement, who started their business in 2018 with a deep desire to support parents in connecting with their inner child. Their business, ESP Wellness Learning Center and The Energetic Brew, host holistic wellness services such as workshops, retreats, and monthly gatherings. These offerings are tailored for those wanting to dedicate time to connect with nature, in the community and witness our beauty, cherish our stages, honour our deeper learning, and connect to all of our senses, the land, celestial energies and our human family. Most importantly, connecting to our Self and the essence of who we are.

Rochelle is an Energetic Medicine Woman, a certified International Kinesiology College Instructor, a drum maker, an International best-selling author and a sought-after wellness speaker.

The Key to Meaningful Family Time

For the last 25 years she has formulated a system that helps activate your innate healing ability so that families can live holistically happy. Rochelle explains she sincerely just wanted to have a business where being a mom was enough and didn’t have to neglect her children as she built up my branding awareness in the marketplace. She’s a passionate playful mother of 4 home-schooled children and a wife of 20 years.

Some aspects she teaches through her business for families are Three Pillars to Stress-Free Parenting:

  • Body Ownership ~ Understanding healthy biology functions that are age-appropriate for yourself and your child.
  • Sacred Touch ~ Permission and healthy boundaries when it comes to our own bodies and our children’s, activating innate healing abilities and for touch to be sacred and consensual again, that as a human race we understand the power of touch and own our bodies no matter what stage or age we are at.
  • Balanced Whole Being ~ This is the best thing you can do for the future is to become the very best version of yourself. Understanding how this can be achieved through being connected to how the frequencies and emotions are flowing in the body.  Imagine everyone taking responsibility to create unity within self first, humanity will shift.
Rochelle McFarlane

When she’s not working with clients or recording episodes for The Energetic Brew Podcast you will find her drumming at the water’s edge honoring the Cosmos, Grandmother Moon, Grandfather Sun & Mother Gaia.

Zane McFarlane is the co-host of the Energetic Brew Podcast, an energy medicine practitioner and drum maker that has been studying kinesiology and psychology for the last 7 years.

He uses numerology, astrology, the medicine wheel and seasonal living to understand himself better and is here to help others to learn about the emotional, spiritual and physical changes that happen as a youth.

When he’s not working with clients, you can find him immersed in a good book or hiking in the woods.

Goddess Camp Wellness Retreats

The next in their series of wellness retreats is one you don’t want to miss out on. It’s called the Goddess Camp, check it out here. Join this community of medicine women and men, healers, guides, and practitioners joining forces to bring you their collective knowledge surrounding the sun & moon, masculine & feminine energies, ceremony, whole-being wellness, and living in unity & balance. A variety of workshops & experiences ranging from astrology, sound healing, human design, music, yoga, meditation, dance, nature, healthy meals, connection, growth and empowerment!

Goddess Camp 2023 – info poster

If you can’t attend the Goddess Camp wellness retreats, there are many more workshops and free parenting handbooks and resources on their website here.

Some of the gatherings they host include:

  • Medicine Drum Ceremony
  • Energetic Brew Chart Reading

I found some simple steps in a newsletter they sent me after I signed up, to ground myself. It’s nice to know there are some resources at our fingertips that can inspire all of us to be the best version of ourselves. Way to go Rochelle and Zane McFarlane, thanks for your amazing vision and the value you add to Indigenous wellness businesses in Canada.

To learn more about ESP Wellness and Goddess Camp wellness retreats, please go to: https://linktr.ee/theenergeticbrew

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