Fair Trade & Organic Coffee by Spirit Bear Coffee Company

First, a short story first to introduce the meaning behind the name of fair trade and organic coffee company, Spirit Bear Coffee Company:

Legend says that Raven was sent by the creator of the universe, to redesign the earth after the first great ice age of cleansing.

After Mother Earth added the foliage, Raven made all the new animals big and small. Then lastly, he made a Spirit Bear — a symbolic gift of peace and harmony to all creatures of the earth.

Inspired by this story, Spirit Bear Coffee Company was born. Today, products from this fair trade and organic coffee operation can be found in over 600 locations countrywide. The company, clearly having fun with their brand, sells the likes of “Raven” espresso beans (full of life and strength), “Eagle” medium roast (soaring flavour) and “Frog-Breakfast Blend” light roast (jump start your day).

Paul Biglin, co-president alongside Sean Harding went through a tough start in the beginning. They were told they would never survive, next to the Starbucks and Tim Hortons of the world. What they found out though, was that if they could stay in the game long enough, their customers would be fiercely loyal. To prove that, Spirit Bear Coffee is currently in 50 hotels and resorts nationwide. Their goal is to work with every nation across Canada.

Paul Biglin, Bill Helin and Sean Harding, owners of Spirit Bear Coffee Company, celebrating their 16 years with song, drumming and dance.

Giving Back to Community through Organic Coffee

So how does fair trade and organic coffee play a part in this Indigenous coffee company? Well, they are trying to change the world one cup at a time through different initiatives and being certified organic and fair trade are two of the ways they are doing it. Actually, there are too many ways to count, but we can try. Another way Spirit Bear Coffee Company is supporting the environment is by adapting to the climate issues by offering compostable coffee pods for sale on their website. A portion of the proceeds of these compostable pods is donated to environmental programs that are based on scientific principles. Every month they select an organization trying to make a difference to mother earth. Some of these organizations include ‘Snot Bot’ Ocean Alliance, Northern Lights Wildlife Shelter, Drum Circle Sustainability, and The Great Bear Rainforest.

Where to Find Spirit Bear Coffee

Spirit Bear Coffee Company has also been featured in various Indigenous gift boxes curated by Shop First Nations. Customers love the coffee sampler packs because they get a chance to try four different types of their most famous blends.

If you want to go directly to the source, you can check out Spirit Bear Coffee Company at 2071 Kingsway Ave Unit #111, Port Coquitlam, BC V3C 6N2 in the Kingsway Corporate Center.

Visit their beautiful website at: https://spiritbearcoffeecompany.com and use discount code ‘SFN-15’ to get 15% off your order!

Enjoy a great cup of Spirit Bear’s fair trade, organic coffee today – you deserve it!

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