Growing Indigenous participation in Salesforce training


As an Indigenous technology professional, I was thrilled to participate in last year’s Traction Access Salesforce training program. In fact, it was one of the last in-person events I was able to attend as the program finished days before the COVID lockdown began here in British Columbia. Through my experience, I can share that the program is well organized by caring individuals from leading organizations that wholeheartedly believe in providing opportunities for Indigenous people in the tech sector!

Rob graduating Traction Access
Me graduating the Salesforce training program

This year, MOSAIC and Traction on Demand have partnered to continue this training program that introduces the Salesforce platform, administration skills, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) concepts, and valuable soft skills training. As an Indigenous digital organization, we at Shop First Nations believe passionately in creating opportunities for Indigenous participation in the technology sector. Therefore, we are proud to support MOSAIC with their Fast Track to CRM (F2CRM) training program for Indigenous Peoples (and newcomers to Canada).

What is Salesforce?

Salesforce is one of the leading cloud-based software solutions for Customer Relationship Management (CRM). It helps organizations create a shared view of their customers across marketing, sales, and service teams.

Salesforce enables organizations to:

  • Create more engaging marketing through targeted & personalized messages
  • Combining customer data from various sources
  • Increase productivity & revenue of sales teams
  • Enable better customer support
  • Create apps

MOSAIC’s F2CRM program will help you learn Salesforce technical skills to begin applying the benefits of Customer Relationship Management for Indigenous businesses, organizations, and communities. In addition, earn your Salesforce Administrator’s Certification through their online training program. By enrolling in this program, you can receive help entering and thriving with a technology-based career!

Why should you sign up?

As an Indigenous learner, you will receive:

  • 3 weeks of employability skills training
  • 3 weeks of occupational skills training (provided by employer-partner Traction on Demand)
  • 4 weeks of work experience with local employers
  • 6 weeks of ongoing follow-up support
  • Earn the Salesforce Administrator’s Certification (Exam cost covered by Program)
  • Ongoing support for exam preparation
  • Culturally-safe support by Indigenous technical mentors
  • Welcoming gift for Indigenous participants provided by Shop First Nations and its friends Spirit Bear Coffee Company and Great Bear Essential Oils

How will Fast Track to CRM help you?

The training program benefits Indigenous people by helping build a technology career via Salesforce Administration knowledge. Whether you’re beginning a tech career or broadening your IT skill set, gaining experience with Salesforce is vital given its rising popularity as a CRM platform along with ever increasing job opportunities.

“With Salesforce expecting to create 4.2 million new jobs between 2019 and 2024, now is the time to learn the Salesforce platform.”

Soft skills are also emphasized during the program. Highlights include workplace relationship building; holding candid discussions; and career-building tips like how to update your resume, prepare for interviews, and create a LinkedIn profile. Through this combination of technical and soft skills, training accurately represents “real-life” day-to-day IT work. As a result, F2CRM provides an excellent learning opportunity for Indigenous participants interested in a technology career!

After graduating from the program, participants will be better positioned to enter the technology sector as a Salesforce Administrator. These positions are critical to the many technology companies and IT departments of organizations across British Columbia, Turtle Island, and beyond. With the knowledge and confidence you gain through the program, you will be able to begin applying for these positions. Alternatively, you may continue your Salesforce journey and become a freelancer hiring yourself out as a Salesforce consultant. The possibilities are endless!

Importantly, the training program also provides a prime opportunity to establish a professional network that can help build your career. As you develop trusted relationships with your classmates and teachers, your network will begin to grow. In return, this provides you a channel for exchanging ideas, sharing job opportunities, building your self-confidence, and supporting your career growth!

MOSAIC and Traction on Demand Salesforce training
Make friends and grow your network with MOSAIC and Traction on Demand Salesforce training

3 Examples of How Salesforce Training Can Be Applied in Indigenous Communities

Beyond growing your own career in technology, here are 3 quick examples of how Salesforce can be applied to the wider benefit of Indigenous Peoples:

  • Indigenous companies can use Salesforce to organize their business leads, customer records, and grow sales
  • Self-governing bodies can organize citizen records and optimize their Nation’s services
  • Indigenous non-profit organizations can track donors, funding, and programs that contribute positively to our communities
First Nations infrastructure
CRM skills offer many benefits to our Indigenous communities & organizations

Growing the Indigenous Technology Sector

Shop First Nations enthusiastically supports MOSAIC’s F2CRM training program as we believe in its ability to create opportunities for Indigenous people in the technology sector. Sign-up now to begin your Salesforce training journey!

Get Started With Your Salesforce Career

F2CRM is looking for participants for the next program, which will run from June 28-August 30, 2021. Are you an unemployed, Indigenous person looking to learn new skills for a career in tech? Application period is May 17-June 18, 2021.

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