Our reason for curating an Indigenous Coastal Gift Box this holiday season

For the second year in a row, Shop First Nations is offering a limited supply of our Indigenous Coastal Gift Box for the holidays and Winter Solstice.

The Indigenous Coastal Gift Box is a curated collection of authentic products from Indigenous-owned businesses throughout Coast Salish territories in British Columbia. By partnering with local Indigenous artisans, crafters, authors and entrepreneurs, the goal of the Indigenous Coastal Gift Box campaign is to provide consumers with the opportunity to participate in the growing Indigenous economy.

The Coast gift box contains several Indigenous products from the Lower Mainland and Vancouver Island regions, including:

Growing Economic Reconciliation with the Coastal Gift Box

Shop First Nations is an Indigenous-owned digital platform enabling economic reconciliation through impactful consumer purchasing, e-commerce, and education initiatives. We’ve partnered with 10 great Indigenous vendors from throughout the Lower Mainland and Vancouver Island to promote the selling of Indigenous goods and services to the broader public through the Indigenous Coastal Gift Box. 

“Buying from local Indigenous-owned businesses is an immediate, tangible step that any Canadian can take to participate in reconciliation. Supporting Indigenous business is something that should be done year round, but the holidays are a great time to get started and this box is a great introduction to a lot of amazing businesses and people,” says Rob Schulz, founder and CEO of Shop First Nations. 

“It’s tough to be an Indigenous company in a commodity driven market. We fight the big guys all the time. The Tim Hortons and the Starbucks of the world. That’s why we are proud to support this Indigenous Gift Box, to help spread the word of all these successful Indigenous companies,” says Sean Harding, co-founder of Spirit Bear Coffee.

Rob Schulz (President, Shop First Nations) and Sean Harding (Co-President, Spirit Bear Coffee Company) with the Shop First Nations Coastal gift box

There are over 50,000 Indigenous businesses in Canada and 99% of them are small- or medium-sized enterprises, which were hardest hit by the Covid-19 pandemic. In addition to supporting economic recovery in our communities post-lockdown, the purchasing of Indigenous goods and services is a direct response to the Calls-to-Action in the Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s final report.

Show Your Support for Indigenous Businesses in BC

All sales from the Indigenous Coastal Gift Box campaign are to pay for the wholesale costs of the products and to grow the Shop First Nations business directory.

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