8 Lovely Indigenous Gifts for Someone Special this Valentine’s Day 2023

Love the idea of giving Indigenous gifts to your loved ones (or yourself) this Valentine’s Day 2023? We’ve got a list of sweet treats, hot fashion, steamy bath products as well as mental health services from Indigenous vendors across Turtle Island.

1. Gift for Tea Lover’s: Chaga tea by Ranger Tea

My chill evening with my boyfriend revolves around drinking tea. We enjoy trying new teas together and find happiness in the warmth and punch of flavours. Grab a pack of Chai Tea and spice up your evening whether you have a special someone to share it with or enjoy your self-care time. Ranger tea makes a great cup of chai tea.

Isabelle Ranger has been revitalizing Ancestral plant medicine for Self-Care, Community & the next Generations since 2006.

“Robustly spicy with our delicious masala of ancient Ayurvedic botanicals. Our Chai tea collection make the finest café chai latté powder or slower stovetop loose-leaf chai that can simmer extra long to extract more spicy health benefits! Enjoyable neat with no need to sweeten or a touch of maple syrup.”

Shop products on their website at https://rangertea.com/

2. Body Sculpting Activewear Gifts from Dancing Chilkat Design

Celebrate the rise of Indigenous Womxn Entrepreneurs in the global economy & innovation is raising up our communities. We are committed to creating opportunities for Indigenous womxn, men, Two-Spirit, and gender diverse souls to not just survive but thrive — and be role models to those around them.

Dancing Chilkat has absolutely gorgeous designs that would make for a beautiful and thoughtful Valentine’s Day Gift. This dress is my personal fave. How immaculate would this look on someone going for a night out on the town? Check out more cool pieces at https://dancingchilkat.com/index.html

3. Aphrodite’s Realm- Bath Powder

In Greek Mythology Persephone was the Queen of the underworld, but she was also the Goddess of spring growth. This bath powder is a beautiful peachy pink, making this the perfect springtime bathing experience. When you give the gift of modern, fun and sexy scented bath products, you are saying to that person (that person could be yourself!) that they deserve a relaxing break. They deserve to be lavished. They deserve to lose their mind into a calming bliss. They deserve self-love. This is your connection to that gift.

Check out their full product list on their website https://aphroditesrealm.com/

4. Chocolate Lover’s Gift: The Love Bar from Raven Rising Global Indigenous Chocolates

Yes that is a bar of chocolate LOVE! Chef Tammy Maki, owner of Raven Rising Global Indigenous Chocolates spells it out for us with her artistic designs made with love and chocolate of course. Browse their handmade chocolates and be excited with names like ‘Break- Apart Heart- Caramel’ and ‘Love Bar’. Do you want to share the love this Valentine’s Day or purchase a bar to say thank you to yourself for being awesome? Check out their lovely selection at https://www.ravenrising.ca/

5. Virtual Counselling – Huu-Miis & Tuḥmapt Counselling Services

Do you make your mental health a priority? Do you need support during the holidays and want to talk to someone from the comfort of your own home? Nuuchahnulth registered social worker, Amber provides clinical counselling in Port Alberni, BC as well as virtually. Trained through the University of Toronto, specializing in Indigenous Trauma & Resilency, MSW. “Here, to do my part in Decolonizing mental health.” Amber.

“May you feel safe. May you feel seen. May you feel loved. May you feel heard.”

To seek advice on registering for a virtual counsellor or to simply check out what it’s all about please go to https://huumiistuhmapt.wordpress.com/home/counselling-info/

6. Indigenous Jewelry & Beadwork Gifts by Dark Laydee Designs

Dark Laydee Designs is authentically handcrafted by mixed Stó:lō artist, Andee Jasper. Combining her background in fashion with her heritage of crafting, she started Dark Laydee Designs as a way to connect with her culture & community. She puts a contemporary spin on traditional beadwork & incorporates reclaimed leather into her work.

Andee hopes for customers to embrace the power of adornment when they wear Dark Laydee pieces, to never be afraid to stand out and make a statement! Shop more styles of her beautiful work here https://darklaydeedesigns.com/

7. Indigenous Coffee Lover’s Gift: Valentine’s Day Sampler Pack by Spirit Bear Coffee

Give the people you love a sweet treat to go with their favourite Spirit Bear Coffee!

The Spirit Bear Valentine’s Sampler Pack features one packet each of their Frog Breakfast Blend, Eagle Medium Roast, Orca Dark Roast, and Thunderbird Dark French Roast ground coffee. In addition, each pack comes with a Spirit Bear-branded milk chocolate bar and 2 milk chocolate hearts.

Today, do something bigger than just a cup of coffee and check out Spirit Bear’s commitment to numerous social and environmental initiatives. While you’re there, you might be enticed to look at their Valentine’s Day coffee and chocolate bundles! Very sweet indeed!

8. Valentine’s Day Cards by Hug and Kiss Designs

Looking for Valentine’s cards that are a little naughty? Spice up your Valentine’s Day with a Valentines cards from Hug and Kiss Designs. Warning: these cards are for adults with a good sense of humour!

Share the Love with Indigenous Gifts on Valentine’s Day 2023

Thanks for sticking with us and reading about these Indigenous businesses offering a little INDIGENOUS LOVE for you this Valentine’s Day! Remember, the biggest gift you can give anyone is your presence, your attention, and your love. None of these cost a dime. If you want to get fancy, start checking out these websites and support local Indigenous businesses to supply you with everything you need this Valentine’s Day.

With Love,
Chelssie & Rob, Shop First Nations

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