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Indigenous Inclusive Education sensory toys, weighted bear

Creating a space where every child can see themselves reflected in the toys they play with and the resources they learn from is more than a mission—it's a movement. Indigenous Inclusive Education, founded by Cassius Gentle in 2023, stands at the forefront of this transformative wave. This First Nations-owned start-up is more than just a business. They are a beacon of hope, inspiration, and cultural pride for communities across Canada, providing them with Indigenous educational toys.

Cultivating Inclusivity Through Education

From its inception, Indigenous Inclusive Education has been more than a provider of toys and educational resources. It's a platform that celebrates and respects First Nations culture, ensuring that every child feels included, valued, and understood. Operating exclusively online, the business offers a range of products designed with exceptional quality and cultural relevance in mind. All of these Indigenous educational toys, from weighted therapy bears to sensory tools, are selected for its ability to support diverse learning needs and promote sensory exploration and development.

Indigenous Inclusive Education Sensory Sock

Owned and operated by a family of experienced teachers, Indigenous Inclusive Education understands the importance of culturally relevant educational materials.

The company’s starting point is as poignant as it is inspiring. Sparked by profound conversations with Jerleen Sullivan (Anderson), the sister of the late Jordan River Anderson, the business is a tribute to the spirit of resilience and the drive for inclusivity. Jordan's Principle, named after Jordan River Anderson, is a testament to the pursuit of equitable access to all government services for Indigenous children. Cassius, moved by Jerleen's experiences and the legacy of Jordan, saw a pressing need for resources such as Indigenous educational toys that cater to high-need and inclusive learners within Indigenous communities.

Behind the scenes, Cassius's family, especially his mother, an experienced Indigenous educator, has been instrumental in shaping the business. Their collective expertise in education and deep understanding of community needs have ensured that Indigenous Inclusive Education offers products that are not only of high quality but also culturally and educationally relevant.

When customers shop the site they're not just buying Indigenous educational toys – they're supporting a mission to help children thrive.

The inventory features therapeutic games to promote concentration, reduce stress, and encourage achievement. Indigenous Inclusive Education offers tools for physical activity like balance boards and beams. They also provide play mats and indoor trampolines, supporting children with sensory and tactile toys and games. You can also browse musical instruments, sensory socks and fidget toys.

Challenges, Triumphs, and Dreams

Navigating the entrepreneurial landscape, particularly in a niche market, comes with its set of challenges. For Cassius, the primary hurdle has been raising awareness about Indigenous Inclusive Education's unique offerings. Despite these obstacles, the business has celebrated significant achievements, such as the overwhelming positive feedback on the quality and design of its products. This feedback underscores the vital role Indigenous Inclusive Education plays in the lives of high-need learners and their families.

A Touching Connection

One story that stands out for Cassius involves a customer who shared photos of their daughter, a child on the autism spectrum, embracing one of the weighted bears from Indigenous Inclusive Education. This heartfelt feedback highlights the profound impact that thoughtful, inclusive products can have on children's lives. It's stories like these that drive Cassius and his team to continue their work, aiming to create more such meaningful connections through Indigenous educational toys.

In conclusion, Indigenous Inclusive Education is more than just a store – it's a celebration of diversity, inclusivity, and cultural respect.

Looking ahead, Cassius envisions Indigenous Inclusive Education becoming a household name within the Indigenous world. Their goal is to be the source for all things related to inclusive learning. This dream is fueled by a commitment to expanding the business's reach and impact. Indigenous Inclusive Education aims to ensure that every Indigenous child in Canada has access to Indigenous educational toys that reflect their heritage and support their learning journey.

With their extensive range of products and their unwavering commitment to supporting the well-being of all children, they're making a positive impact in communities across the country. Join Indigenous Inclusive Education in their mission to create a brighter future for every child, one toy at a time.

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