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A Feather and a Stone- Indigenous Jewelry is more than just a business; it's a profound expression of Sheena's identity. With roots in Southern Tutchone, Tlingit, and Scottish heritage, Sheena's diverse lineage provides a rich tapestry of cultural influences that find a harmonious union in her jewelry designs. Her affiliation with the Kwanlin Dun First Nations in the Yukon, combined with her upbringing on Vancouver Island, adds layers of depth to her work.

The Call to Authenticity

Sheena's story begins in the service industry, where she dedicated 15 years of her life. While she found fulfillment in serving others, there was a lingering sense that something was missing—a call to live more authentically.

An Inspiring Journey to Creativity: How A Feather and a Stone Came to Life

In 2012, Sheena's life took a much different turn when a mentor crossed her path. This guiding figure recognized the dormant artist within her and kindled the flame of creativity with thoughtful gifts of metalsmith tools over time. The result? A Feather and a Stone-Indigenous Jewelry!

A Feather and a Stone necklaces
A Feather and a Stone necklaces

Drawing Inspiration from Indigenous Culture

At the heart of Sheena's jewelry designs lies her profound connection with Indigenous culture. It serves as a wellspring of inspiration, infusing her creations with a unique and captivating essence. Can you imagine the rich cultural tapestry woven into each piece? Well, here is another gorgeous piece to check out so you don’t have to imagine any further! These earrings are from A Feather and a Stone Indigenous Jewelry!

Braided Sweetgrass Hoops from A Feather and a Stone Jewelry
Braided Sweetgrass hoops by A Feather and a Stone Jewelry

Grounded in Nature, Flowing with Creativity

Nature is often our most profound muse, and for Sheena, it serves as an anchor that grounds and centers her. When she connects with nature, she taps into a boundless flow of creative energy. It's amazing how the natural world has the power to unlock our imagination.

An Environmentally Conscious Journey

As we delve deeper into A Feather and a Stone Indigenous Jewelry, we discover a beautiful harmony between art and environmental consciousness. Sustainability and environmentally conscious processes are central to Sheena's business values. This commitment exemplifies the power of small businesses to make a positive impact on the world.

Family: The Pillar of Support

In every success story, there are unsung heroes, and for Sheena, it's her loving family. They have stood by her side, offering unwavering support every step of the way—emotionally, financially, and promotionally. It's heartwarming to witness such a strong family bond contributing to the realization of her dreams.

Owner of A Feather and a Stone- Sheena Francis Olito
Sheena Francis Olito

That was a fun dive into the world of A Feather and a Stone Indigenous Jewelry, and we are left in awe of Sheena Francis Olito's resilience, passion, and commitment to her craft. Her jewelry designs are more than just pieces of adornment; they represent a deep-rooted connection with Indigenous culture and a profound respect for the environment.

We hope this blog has piqued your curiosity about Sheena's remarkable business and encouraged you to support Indigenous artists and sustainable practices. Let's celebrate artisans like Sheena, who strive to make the world a more beautiful and conscious place, one piece of jewelry at a time.

Thank you for joining us on this delightful journey. Until next time, keep cherishing the beauty of art and nature, and remember that the creative spirit resides within each of us.

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