We’re Nuts About Nuez Acres!

When it’s a husband and wife team, you know the passion is on point! That’s exactly what this Indigenous business Nuez Acres is all about. Passion is what made them start this business in the first place. They wanted to help farmers get fair prices for their products, one such person was their father-in-law who is a pecan farmer in Mexico.

But wait, what do pecans have to do with this business? Pecans are known for their heart healthy oils and Nuez Acres are keeping us healthy with their Nuez Acres Pecan Oil. Nancy and Anthony, owners of Nuez Acres harness the power of pure pecan oil to nourish skin, strengthen hair, and help you live a healthier life.

“Organic pecan oil has always been part of my self-care routine, and it’s one of the industry’s best-kept beauty secrets. The oil has a unique ability to soften and strengthen with antioxidants, vitamin E, vitamin A, proteins, and healthy fats.”

Nancy explains the importance of pure pecan oil and her deep connection to it.

“I grew up in Mexico running through orchard rows and climbing trees to pick pecans by hand. Growing nuts was a way of life, and my family took pride in farming with traditional, organic methods that bring out the best flavor and quality in our crops. I didn’t truly appreciate the power of pure pecan oil until I moved away from home and lost access to farm-fresh bottles. Now, I want to share it with the world. My husband Anthony and I met in Canada and started our own family here, raising our son and daughter in Langley, BC. His family’s indigenous roots are just as important to us as my Mexican farming heritage, and we are committed to uplifting both communities with sustainable business practices.”

When asked about how it feels to work closely with your family in business, Nancy recalls a hilarious moment.

“Our kids are always present. Once time our youngest daughter Sophia took her rain coat out and a lot of pecans started to fall out of her pockets. She had gone into the office and grabbed handfuls of pecans and stuff them into her jacket pockets. When we asked her what she was doing she said she wanted to make pecan oil like daddy.”

Yes it’s true. Family businesses are challenging and filled with laughs and love! Who knew so much love could be found in a Nuez! Oh, by the way, nuez means pecan or nut in Spanish! You learned a new language today!

For more informative tips about nuts and so much more go over to their website and relish in all of the natural skincare options! From body scrub to eyebrow serum they have the 5 star reviews to back up each product.

We love that in addition to beauty products, Nuez Acres offers culinary products like pecan meal flour and pecan culinary oil! Dab some of that under your eye to diminish black circles and then toss some of it in a pan to add buttery flavour to any dish. Pecan oil is perfect for Keto diets, and with a high smoke point of 470 degrees, it’s the perfect choice for stir frying, sautéing, and searing.

One more for the record! Nuez Acres has bundles! Don’t know which product to choose? Get a bundle of their top products packed together as the best gift idea! Or go for a 1ml. sample size and see which serum/ skin oil you like best!

So many options, so many health benefits and so much love for this Indigenous company! Our heart is stronger with Nuez Acres!

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