Who can Wear a Ribbon Skirt?

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Who Can Wear a Ribbon Skirt: A Cultural Reclamation

For Indigenous peoples, the Ribbon Skirt is far more than a piece of clothing; it signifies a personal reclamation of identity worn with pride and strength. This garment has become a powerful form of armor, offering cultural protection against assimilation and degradation, a tangible reminder of the roles held within the community as women and members. This very diverse piece of clothing encapsulates the sacredness of women and the inherent power within, telling a story of adaptation and survival. We often get asked, “Who can wear a ribbon skirt?” This blog is going to dive into the background and cultural significance and answer that exact question.

Reclaiming Identity: The Power of the Ribbon Skirt

Wearing a ribbon skirt is a profound act of reaffirmation, a declaration of personal strength intertwined with the collective resilience of the community. It serves as a tangible link to heritage, a shared legacy among Indigenous peoples. Each community, though diverse in traditions and sacred protocols surrounding the different beadwork, artwork and ribbons, contributes to a collective history and tradition. This cultural garment is a testament to the strength of identity and the enduring spirit of Indigenous communities.

Understanding the Symbolism: Colours, Materials, and Ribbons

The Ribbon Skirt carries a multitude of meanings embedded in its colours, materials, and the number and length of ribbons adorning it. Each teaching and nation holds specific and unique traditions and protocols associated with these skirts. The diversity in meaning allows for a rich tapestry of cultural expression. To explore the intricacies of these traditions, it is encouraged to reach out to Knowledge Keepers and Elders within your community. When you do decide to purchase a gorgeous ribbon skirt you will be equipped with some background information about the meaning and the culture of the skirt. This will give you the confidence and the history behind the skirt, so that you can wear it with pride knowing you are supporting Indigenous culture and business.

Who Can Wear a Ribbon Skirt: Embracing Cultural Diversity

The question of who can wear a ribbon skirt is inherently tied to the universal themes of respect, understanding, and appreciation for Indigenous heritage. Embracing them goes beyond cultural boundaries, inviting everyone to learn and appreciate the stories woven into its fabric. It becomes a symbol of unity and shared cultural richness, fostering a collective commitment to reconciliation. So the answer to the question of ‘who can wear a ribbon skirt’, is simply, anybody.

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Who can wear this ribbon skirt design by Cree Woman in Canada
Cree Woman In Canada ribbon skirts

Embracing Ribbon Skirt Day: Nurturing Respect and Understanding Ribbon Skirt Day

Commemorated annually on January 4, stands as a symbol of solidarity with Indigenous cultures, particularly Indigenous women and girls. However, for those outside Indigenous communities, understanding the appropriate protocols and embracing genuine allyship is crucial in comprehending the significance of ribbon skirts in Indigenous culture and their role in the path towards reconciliation. Wear your skirt and show it off on social media or at local events on this day. Include a mention in your posts about the maker!

As we explore the profound significance of the Ribbon Skirt, let’s celebrate the inclusive spirit that encourages a diverse tapestry of individuals to honour and appreciate Indigenous cultures.

Celebrating Diversity, Honouring Traditions

Ultimately, ribbon skirts are a poignant reminder of the rich diversity of Indigenous cultures. Embracing Ribbon Skirt Day is a step towards celebrating this diversity, honouring traditions, and fostering unity. It’s an invitation to stand in solidarity with Indigenous communities on the path to reconciliation. Our major goal here today is to make you feel comfortable about who can purchase or wear a ribbon skirt and have conversations with the seller. This is a form of reconciliation. Learn about the culture, and share it with respect. You can wear a ribbon skirt. Yes you.

Chelssie Baker in her ribbon skirt
Chelssie Baker in her ribbon skirt she made

Designing a Ribbon Skirt

After making this pure black ribbon skirt with traditional medicine wheel colours for the ribbons, I decided to do a full colour one, and I wanted to find Indigenous fabric from somewhere close by. There are still very limited places to shop Indigenous fabric that is authentic. I searched all over the internet too and even found some questionable Indigenous ‘inspired’ fabric. Finally I was told about this business in Kamloops called 4 Generations Creations. After searching through their huge inventory list I found multiple fabrics that I wanted! I ended up ordering this Teal Thunderbird pattern! I can’t wait to pair this with ribbons!

Fabric for ribbon skirts
Teal Thunderbird Pattern from 4 Generations Creations

The other amazing thing about this fabric store in Kamloops B.C is that they carry everything you need to make the whole skirt including ribbons, decals, elastic and kits that include everything you need. Shipping and communications have been a breeze! Then I discovered the owner, Ashley Michel is the 2023 Pow Wow Pitch Winner! She deserved it for sure! Go and visit her shop if you’re in town, or check out her online shop! Find this fabric and more here: https://4generationscreations.ca.

Ashley Michel, Owner of 4 Generations Creations and Pow Wow Pitch Winner- 2023

Tag us in your ribbon skirt designs and we will share them! Take pride in supporting Indigenous businesses and just remember, do your research, ask questions, connect with locals and learn about what ribbon skirt might be the best for you. Anyone can wear a ribbon skirt!

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