Indigenous Gift Guide for the Holidays (2023)

Get ready for a unique holiday season with our amazing selection in this Indigenous Gift Guide! Explore our exclusive holiday shopping guide and discover incredible Indigenous creators and artisans waiting for you!

Thanks for joining the movement towards Economic Reconciliation by supporting Indigenous businesses. Your choice to shop with these innovative brands directly impacts Indigenous entrepreneurs and communities, empowering their impactful work to flourish. Your support helps the Indigenous economy to expand and thrive this festive season! We hope you find some amazing new ideas here in our Indigenous Gift Guide 2023. Enjoy.

1. Cheekbone Beauty

Cheekbone Beauty Gift Card Image- Indigenous Gift Guide

Give the gift of Cheekbone Beauty!

Cheekbone Beauty, founded by Jenn Harper, proudly reflects her Anishinaabe heritage. The brand’s commitment to sustainability shines through its clean, vegan, and cruelty-free products. From their low-waste SUSTAIN line to their vibrant, culturally inspired cosmetics, each item tells a story deeply rooted in Indigenous culture. Guided by principles of honoring Indigenous roots, environmental sustainability, and vibrant self-expression, Cheekbone Beauty crafts makeup that’s both ethical and empowering.

Give the gift of choice with a Cheekbone Beauty E-Gift Card. Celebrate sustainable, Indigenous-inspired cosmetics with this thoughtful gesture. Discover more at Cheekbone Beauty.

2. Sḵwálwen Botanicals

Image of Cranberry Rose Cleansing Clay jar- Indigenous Gift Guide

Sḵwálwen Botanicals brings nature’s richness to your skincare. Try the Tewin’xw Cranberry Rose Cleansing Clay for a radiant complexion. Crafted with purifying clays, powdered rose petals, chamomile, cranberry, and rosehip, it delicately rejuvenates and replenishes the skin. This versatile cleanser doubles as a leave-on mask, infusing vital nutrients, vitamins, and antioxidants for a radiant complexion.

Sḵwálwen Botanicals’ ethos celebrates the beauty of tradition, family, and the diverse cultures that enrich our lives. Their story resonates with the inherent beauty of nature and encourages an acknowledgment of the land we call home.

Learn more about their natural products at Sḵwálwen Botanicals.

3. Tradish Plant Medicine Jam

Image Chamomile Pear Jam- Indigenous Gift Guide

Step into a world of unique flavours and meaningful sustenance this holiday season with Tradish — the distinctive choice that sets itself apart from ordinary grocery store jams. How are they different though?

Tradish brings traditional Indigenous nourishment to urban Indigenous and non-Indigenous health-conscious people while supporting Indigenous food sovereignty. Due to a lack of access to traditional foods, the urban Indigenous population is disconnected from conventional Indigenous nutrition. Tradish emphasizes organic, Indigenous, sustainable nourishment with the help of their jam product line and other products.

The Chamomile Pear Jam seems so fitting for the holiday season. It’s basically a hug in a mug. Helps with high blood pressure, hypertension, sleep, relaxation and helps reduce inflammation in the body. It has whole Chamomile flowers in it. That’s how they are different, that’s why we are putting them on our Indigenous Gift Guide list of must-have items.

Browse the selection of jams on their site here Tradish

4. Alice and Sage

Image Soy Candle- Alice and Sage- Indigenous Gift Guide

In search of a holiday gift that exudes sophistication and warmth? Look no further than the “Listen To Your Aunty” soy candles!

Beyond their charming name, these candles radiate an aura of elegance and comfort. Infused with a delightful blend of soft yet spicy floral notes like pink peppercorn, magnolia, and vanilla, each candle encapsulates the legendary Aunty energy – inviting, comforting, and utterly captivating.

The ‘Listen To Your Aunty’ soy candles from Alice and Sage blend elegance with eco-friendliness. Infused with inviting scents, they’re perfect for a cozy holiday atmosphere. Listen to your aunty and find them at Alice and Sage.

5. Shining Bear Designs

Image Crew Sweater- Seven Sacred Laws

Explore the depth of nature’s wisdom through this exquisite “Seven Sacred Laws” unisex hoodie or crew, a standout highlight on our coveted Indigenous Gift Guide.

These exceptional pieces encapsulate the deep connection between humanity and the natural world through the profound teachings of seven animals, each representing a fundamental sacred law. Crafted in the serene landscapes of Coquitlam, BC, these handcrafted garments radiate authenticity and reverence for Indigenous wisdom.

Embrace both comfort and spirituality with our apparel’s stunning bleached-out design, available in super-soft unisex hoodies or crews. For a more tailored fit, we offer a ladies’ cut hoodie, ensuring everyone can experience the beauty and meaning behind these teachings. The striking “Seven Sacred Laws” circle print adorning the front serves as an invitation to engage in conversations about these timeless teachings, fostering a deeper understanding of our relationship with nature.

Each piece is a testament to our commitment to quality and the preservation of Indigenous wisdom. Created in small, carefully curated batches, these garments embody the artisanal craftsmanship and thoughtfulness that go into their making. Gift someone special the comfort of our apparel while honouring the essence of nature’s teachings this holiday season. Allow these handcrafted garments to carry the spirit of reverence for the natural world, making each wear a meaningful celebration of Indigenous wisdom and our connection to the Animal Nation. Find the Seven Sacred Laws Crew online.

6. Indigenous Inclusive Education

Image Chewable Wolf Paw sensory Toy

Delve into sensory support with our must-have holiday gift: the 2-Piece Chewable Wolf Paw Necklace from Indigenous Inclusive Education.

Designed for children with autism, this chewelry piece discreetly manages sensory needs while promoting self-regulation.

At Indigenous Inclusive Education, their mission is to foster well-being within children and their communities. Their commitment extends to developing specialized therapeutic toys, including unique sensory aids like the Wolf Paw Necklace, aiming to provide trusted tools for sensory regulation and play therapy.

This necklace stands as both a stylish accessory and a discreet sensory aid, redirecting chewing urges to a safe and purposeful item. By supporting this mission, you’re gifting children a sense of comfort, confidence, and inclusive support this holiday season. The Indigenous Gift Guide stands to support small businesses with a mission! Browse their extensive shop for this necklace and more.

7. Red Rebel Armour

Image Educate and Empower T shirt

This Indigenous Gift Guide is here to educate and empower, and so is this next brand. The “Educate and Empower” T-shirt from Red Rebel Armour, is a standout piece which encapsulates the essence of Indigenous culture within contemporary streetwear.

Red Rebel Armour’s innovative approach intertwines Anishinaabe culture with modern fashion, celebrating resilience and identity through a signature style.

More than just clothing, Red Rebel Armour is dedicated to breaking down barriers to employment for their relatives reintegrating from the criminal justice system. The “Educate and Empower” T-shirt mirrors this commitment, echoing strength and reassurance.

This captivating T-shirt isn’t just fashion; it’s a statement. Designed for those who value and support Indigenous cultures, it symbolizes the fusion of cultural representation with style. Red Rebel Armour aims to connect with diverse audiences unified by an appreciation for authenticity, social responsibility, and artistic expression. Embrace this powerful symbol of Indigenous pride while making a stylish statement this holiday season and give this powerful statement to someone by going to their website here.

8. Bangin’ Bannock

Image packaging Gluten- Free Frybread

We love bannock bites and bannock pizza and now we can share it with our gluten-free friends! Yay, bannock for everyone!

Looking to savour Indigenous heritage in a gluten-free treat? Enter Bangin’ Bannock’s latest masterpiece! This gluten-free fry bread mix invites everyone on a flavorful journey through culture and tradition. Crafted by a passionate duo dedicated to their heritage, Bangin’ Bannock offers the aromatic essence and authentic taste of ancestral recipes. Its crispy texture and rich flavours pay homage to resilience and connection.

More than a mere mix, it’s a catalyst for dialogue—a chance to support local entrepreneurship while relishing a centuries-old culinary tradition. That’s just one reason we have added this fry bread to our Indigenous Gift Guide. Another is it’s easy to prepare and versatile, this inclusive delight caters to every palate, whether sweet or savoury. Join the culinary adventure, celebrate diversity, and honour Indigenous culture with Bangin’ Bannock’s newest gluten-free marvel! Try it now and be part of the delicious magic! Find recipes and more on their site here.

9. ‘Indian Horse’ by Richard Wagamese

Image Book Cover- Indian Horse

Featured on our carefully curated gift list is the extraordinary novel “Indian Horse” by Richard Wagamese. For any avid book lover on your list, this captivating read promises to be an absolute hit.

Saul Indian Horse has hit bottom. His last binge almost killed him, and now he’s a reluctant resident in a treatment centre for alcoholics, surrounded by people he’s sure will never understand him. But Saul wants peace, and he grudgingly comes to see that he’ll find it only through telling his story. With him, readers embark on a journey back through the life he’s led as a northern Ojibway, with all its joys and sorrows.

With compassion and insight, author Richard Wagamese traces through his fictional characters the decline of a culture and a cultural way. For Saul, taken forcibly from the land and his family when he’s sent to residential school, salvation comes for a while through his incredible gifts as a hockey player. But in the harsh realities of 1960s Canada, he battles obdurate racism and the spirit-destroying effects of cultural alienation and displacement. Indian Horse unfolds against the bleak loveliness of northern Ontario, all rock, marsh, bog and cedar. Wagamese writes with a spare beauty, penetrating the heart of a remarkable Ojibway man.

Find this book and others by Indigenous authors here.

10. White Buffalo Coffee Company

Image Three Chief Coffee Packaging

Amidst our diverse collection of remarkable finds in this Indigenous Gift Guide, we’re thrilled to highlight White Buffalo Coffee Company, a passionate advocate for supporting fair trade.

Their commitment to sourcing coffee responsibly through Fairtrade purchasers, who are well-versed in the social and environmental landscapes of the regions they operate in, is a testament to their dedication.

The Three Chief Espresso coffee has a nutty aroma with a dark-chocolate taste, a heavy body that finishes very clean. We wish you and your family indulge in this rich coffee this holiday season and pick yourself up a bag of your favourite roast here.

11. Connected Cuppas

Image Metis Tea- Connected Cuppas

Celebrating an all-time favourite, Connected Cuppas Métis Tea stands out as an exceptional gem in our Indigenous Gift Guide.

Its enduring popularity and glowing reviews from delighted recipients in our gift boxes render it an absolute essential for your shopping list this season.

Crafted for moments of tranquillity and rejuvenation, this Métis tea blend by Connected Cuppas is a sublime concoction. Comprising a harmonious blend of nettle, burdock, and saskatoons/elderberries, it promises a delightful infusion for relaxation and unwinding.

Connect with them on Facebook and if you’re in Bellevue, Alberta. You can also grab a cup of tea and some baked goods with your friends at the Tea and Gift Shoppe.

‘Wrapping up’ our Indigenous Gift Guide for the Holidays

As our Indigenous Gift Guide journey concludes, we invite you to explore these unique offerings, each infused with culture and care. From the enriching tales in “Indian Horse” to the comforting brew of Connected Cuppas Métis Tea, these gifts are more than items; they’re stories and experiences.

For more ideas, revisit last year’s 2022 Indigenous Gift Guide and discover the perfect present in our current Holiday Gift Box. May your holidays be filled with the joy of sharing, the warmth of community, and the beauty of Indigenous craftsmanship. Happy holidays from our family to yours!

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